Unews stream

Stream Services:

U-News launched “U-News Stream”, its direct stream through the online platform service:

  • Allows the subscribers to use the “Cloud” as a platform to exchange video and audio materials, rather than using the satellites and the radio frequencies.
  • Allows instant exchange of audio material without satellite usage.
  • Allows TV channels to connect with their branch offices 24/7 with the least possible cost, in case they weren’t able to connect with them through satellite.
  • Allows use of U-News Cloud as an archival platform for the recorded material that can be accessed at any time.
  • U-News Agency, in collaboration with ByblosMicroSystems LLC that designed U-News system and keeps on developing it to meet the needs of the media institutions, provides this service at cost price.
  • U-News benefits from its servers in Germany, and from the high packages of Internet that secure the effective work of the live-stream system. It also provides storage capacities for the TV or radio content, with high speed upload and download rates.
  • U-News main platform manages the online live-streaming, and gives each channel the ability to create links and control the safety of the live-stream content.
  • U-News Stream provides its services with HD and SD qualities. The recorded content can be sent as newsfeeds at any time, in addition to the auto-storing, exchange, download, and re-use of these material. Every TV channel is able to change the quality of the material with what suits its Internet quality.
  • U-News Stream can be connected with the news room and allows the editors to access the live-streamed content, as well as re-using it whenever needed.