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Yemen | High Political Council: UAE Can't Admit Its Loss so It Secretly Withdrew

Yemeni High Political Council Secretary, Yasser al Houry, stated that the UAE can't confess "its loss, so it had to retreat secretly," indicating that the latter relies on informants and loyalists.

In an exclusive interview for Unews Press Agency, Houry added that "the withdrawal is real and the Emirati stand of leaving the area is true, due to the losses they've suffered from our drone forces and the incident at Fujaira port."

Houry said that "in light of its intervention in the war, UAE is suffering from threats of separation from three states, which are Dubai, Shajah, and Ajman, if the war on Yemen continued." He pointed out that Emirat's loss started in the indirect announcement of its withdrawal from Yemen and then the statements from people like Dhahi Khalfan and state minister of foreign affairs Gargash talking about the political process and peace before any military action."

- Houry's interview with Unews

- Yemeni High Political Council Secretary, Yasser al Houry