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USA | New York Witnesses Biggest Exhibition on Saudi-led Coalition Crimes in Yemen

Brooklyn witnessed, yesterday, one of the biggest a photography exhibition on "the war crimes of the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen".

The exhibition, organized by rights activists in New York and done by Yemeni photographers and photojournalists, had a big crowd attending it from different nationalities, as it embodied the humanitarian catastrophe that the Coalition's war left, as well as the crimes it committed against civilians, while destroying infrastructures and other facilities in Yemen.

The opening included several words from congresspersons and senators, such as head of the financial office in New York Alia Latif, judge in local New York court Odysse Candy, and Congressman Max Rose.

Words at the exhibition included solidarity with the Yemenis and the importance to cease all arms trade with Saudi Arabia.

- Scenes of the exhibition
- Attendees in the room
- Poem by Mohamad Abdullah al-Mesmari
- Scenes of the exhibition
- Attendees browsing the photos