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Iran | Zarif: Iran's security is neither to be bought nor up for sale.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, declared that Iran is resistant and will not relent despite the increase of American and Western pressures and sanctions.

Zarif also mentioned during the press conference held in Tehran: "Every time they increase the tension and sanctions on us, we have to outlast and depend on our people so they won't limit the Iranian development."

He added in this regard: "we will never put our security up for sale or for bidding and we will not buy it from abroad or from others, it stems from our people only."

Zarif also revealed that US President Donald Trump invited him to the White House but he turned it down and he was then informed about the imposition of sanctions against him over two weeks.

He considered that the United States is responsible for the tension in the Gulf, stating that crisis and strife are present wherever America is present.

Part of Zarif's speech during today's press conference on the occasion of the World Press day

Iran's Foreign Minister / Mohammad Javad Zarif