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Egypt | Cancer Institute accident and explosion in Cairo lead to the death of 19 and injury of 32

4 cars exploded after a crash accident occurred near the National Cancer Institute Egypt in Al Manial which then started a fire and led to killing 19 people and injuring more that 30 others.

Egypt's Ministry of health and population announced the death of 17 citizen and the injury of 32 others and 5 of them are in critical condition, noting that right after the accident was reported multiple ambulances were sent and the institute was evacuated. information later indicated the increase of the victims to 19 and the injured are 32.

Hala Zayed, Egypt's Minister of Health stated in a press conference in Nasser Institute that the victims have fallen due to the explosion that occurred in Al Manial near the Cancer institute, she also declared the collection of human remains.

Zayed added: "5 critical conditions are in the intensive care unit, and the condition of other injured is moderate to minor."

The Minister added: "I've sent 46 ambulances soon after the accident happened, and 34 patient from the Cancer Institute were sent to Nasser Intitute, Dar el Salam cancer center and Al-Monira General Hospital." That was following the explosion in AL Manial.

She emphasized on increasing the readiness to the maximum; professors and consultants from all specialties were called, especially surgical precision. She also reassured about the blood banks in the hospital and her readiness to provide all the necessary care for the injured.

One of the car owners was driving recklessly in the wrong direction on the Nile Corniche road in front of the Cancer Institute near Sayda Zainab Police Department, which led to it crashing into 3 cars and this led to an explosion resulting in killing and injuring a number of citizens that were then sent to the hospital to be treated. according to a declaration made by the ministry of interior that legal proceedings were taken.

And since the fire hazard, reports issued from official agencies in Egypt were conflicted with what the mass media was reporting. Newspapers reported an explosion in the Cancer Institute but Al Ahram newspaper denied it later to confirm that the explosion was caused due to a car crash.

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