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Syria | Weapons, ammunition and US-made TOW missiles left by terrorists found in southern region

American-made TOW missiles, Phantom 4 drones and other weapons with more than 200,000 bullet were found when authorities were securing the areas that the Syrian army got back from terrorist groups in the southern region.

Official sources stated that while the armed forces were ensuring the safety of the returnees and clearing the area of explosive devices, a depository of weapons, ammunition, TOW missiles and remote-controlled Phantom 4 drones equipped with live broadcast and a night vision camera was found.

They also found anti-air 23-caliber rifles and other machine guns, as well as explosive and thermal RPJ and Mortar including a huge number of its missiles and armor-piercing projectiles, in addition to hand grenades and infrared scopes

The authorities stated that the type and the amount of the weapons indicate that "the Zionists and the United States were supporting the terrorist groups, as well as regional regimes through operation rooms run by intelligence agencies to coordinate the attack on the Syrian state and its people."

- footage of the weapons and ammunition that were found in the southern area