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Iran | Rouhani: Security for security Petroleum for Petroleum and Zarif represents the whole Iranian population

Iran's president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani said "foreign policy has to do with Iran's people and when the minister of foreign affairs speaks, he speaks in the name of the whole nation not a specific party or movement"

He mentioned, in a speech in front of the Minister of foreign affairs in the Ministry in Tehran on Tuesday, that "the foreign policy has a strong link with the people, so when we say foreign policy we mean the way the people and the state deal with foreigners and that the foreign policy does not represent a specific party or movement." Confirming that the foreign policy is related with the Iranian nation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. And when he speaks about it in international forums, he is speaking in the name of the whole Iranian nation.

Rouhani continued saying "a strong and united nation is a coherent nation and dismemberment and separation of the force headquarters staff decreases the strength of the nation." describing Zarif as the "trustworthy, hardworking politician" because he applies what the regime and the political entity ask from him, even though he disagrees with him in certain matters.

He revealed that important foreign decisions are taken within the system and the Minister of Foreign Affairs undertakes them, saying that "taking a decision in the Islamic Republic needs certain mechanisms, so when a decision is taken, everyone must be bound by it even though some will object on some of its provisions."

Rouhani added "I believe that our Minster of Foreign affairs speaks honestly in all meetings and on all levels, and this is considered a privilege because he sits in front of the Prime Minister and says his opinion even though it opposes the latter's." Noting that "He considers himself an adviser on the regime of foreign policy, and that's why he speaks honestly."

The President continued by saying that "America believes that it can change the system and distance the Iranian people from the Islamic Republic by practicing prohibition and pressures on the latter." Confirming that "it is impossible to change that as long as the people are the ones electing the pillars of the system and the political governors."

He considered that signing the nuclear agreement indicates that the Iranian population has the political and diplomatic ability and has the logic to resist and succeed, emphasizing that the nuclear agreement wasn't going to harm Iran, even Trump admitted that Iranians have never been defeated in any negotiations.

On another hand, Rouhani addressed to secure the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz by saying "security in exchange of security, strait in exchange of straits, peace of peace and petroleum for petroleum. This is out attitude, and if the Strait of Gibraltar isn't secure for us, then the Strait of Hormuz isn't secure for you."

He also explained that shooting down the American airplane with an Iranian missile is a sign of Iran's competence, and that the British ships have been making mistakes in seafaring but we were overlooking that.

Rouhani also confirmed that the market stability and economic indicators show that we are walking the right path, so the prohibition made our people even more resilient, and we'll certainly overcome the problems.

- part of Rouhani's speech
- footage from the meeting