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Iraq | The army and Popular Mobilization Forces destroy 5 Isis guesthouses in Badush Mountains

The Popular Mobilization Forces announced that they destroyed 12 guesthouses belonging to Isis in western and southern Mosul within the third victory desire operations.

According to a statement on the Popular Mobilization's website, "Units of the operational commands of The Popular Mobilization in Nineveh managed to destroy 5 guesthouses that belonged to Isis in Badush mountains in the north-west of Mosul, as well as destrying 7 more in southern Mosul."

On Monday, August 5th, The Popular Mobilization Forces commenced with the third victory desire operations to inspect and secure the Northern districts of Jalawla and Miqdadiyah in Diyala and southern Nineveh of Isis remnants.

The Iraqi forces achieved all the objectives established in a preliminary phase of the third victory desire operation, which started on a Sunday morning last July, to inspect the desert regions between Nineveh, Saladin and Al Anbar all the way to the northern-west Syrian borders.

Iraq announced in December 2017 the entire territory liberation from Isis after approximately 3 and a half years of terrorism attacks that occupied a third of the country announcing the establishment of what they called "the Islamic Caliphate"

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