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Iran | Rouhani Scorns Israeli Bid for Role in Persian Gulf

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani lashed out at the Zionist regime’s “absurd” push to contribute to an “impractical and useless” maritime coalition force that US plans to create in the Persian Gulf.

In a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Rouhani said the aim of US measures in the region is nothing but to plunder the assets of Muslim countries.

“The answer to such claims is clear: the Israelis had better protect their own security where they exist if they can,” the Iranian president said, adding that the Zionist regime has brought about nothing but “insecurity, massacre and terror” wherever it has been present.

“The root cause of terrorism, war and massacre in the region is the Zionists and the usurping regime of Israel,” Rouhani deplored, as quoted by Tasnim news agency.

He further said that announcements of support for the new US-initiated coalition for the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman are impractical and fake.

Even if they were to materialize, the US-led coalition would be of no help to regional security, the Iranian president said, underlining, “Together with the littoral states of this historical gulf (Persian Gulf), the Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to protect the region’s security, as it has been doing throughout history.”

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