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Nigeria | Islamic Movement: Sheikh Zakzaky to Return to Nigeria due to Maltreatment in India

Nigerian Islamic Movement spokesman, Ibrahim Moussa, said that head of the movement, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, will return to his country due to maltreatment from medical team in India.

Moussa said in a statement to the Nigerian Times that Zakzaky has started his preparations to go back to Nigeria.

Before that, an audio record of the Sheikh was spread in a tweet announcing that the Indian hospital approved his return and his wife to Nigeria.

And in a the message, Zakzaky stated that the conditions of treatment in India are worse than that in Nigeria, where he caught a virus at the hospital, and he mentioned that "opposed to what we've agreed upon that my personal medical team would take care of me, the crew has been changed."

The Sheikh added in a video recording from his room in Madanta hospital in New Delhi that the authorities informed his that he'll leave India at 11:30PM local time, adding "that's what they've decided."

According to the Nigerian Times, several countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia have shown readiness to treat the Sheikh at their hospitals.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife suffer from medical conditions that need intensive care and immediate and urgent treatment as well as undertaking further investigations since these chronic medical conditions need more assessment and treatment.

It's stated that the Nigerian Court issued a judgement to release Sheikh Zakzaky in 2016 but the government has refrained from the implementation of this provision for unknown reasons.

The Nigerian army had launched an attack on the supporters of Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria in 2016, which led to the falling of approximately 1000 martyr with a number of Sheikh Zakzay's family members. And despite the issuance of the provision to release him, the Nigerian authorities are still detaining him illegaly.

- Sheikh Zakzaky speaking from his hospital room

- Head of Nigerian Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky