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Yemen | Military Expert: Battle with Saudi-Led Coalition became in the interest of Yemeni people

Analyst and Military Expert, Brigadier General Abdul-Ghani Al-Zubaidi, stressed that the battle today between Yemen and the Saudi-Led Coalition and after the passage of 5 years of war has become in the interest of the Yemeni people, adding that the Yemeni armed forces can resolve the battle.

In an interview with Unews Press Agency, Al-Zubaidi said "the fourth deterrence balance operation that targeted Saudi military installations in Riyadh will have a significant impact as it destroys the media aura which suggested to the world that Riyadh will not be hit by bombing."

"This process will have many consequences and sufferings at all levels, at the level of aggression too, and there will be disasters and tragedies that will inflict upon the Saudi regime in case it continues the war on Yemen," he added.

He continued "the operation is linked to the resistance project because the battle is comprehensive aiming to break the will of the countries of the opposition by the Zionist American side that wants to control the region and impose the deal of the century."

Al-Zubaidi further explained that "the Yemeni armed forces in Sana'a two years ago expanded their military capabilities to the point that the Americans failed to confront them in terms of addressing them with patriot systems and others,"

He went on to say "targeting Riyadh with such precision and effectiveness and access to sensitive places is a variable that will have a major impact on the course of the battle in the future."