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Lebanon | Aoun: Probe into Port Blasts Will Spare No One

Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed on Friday that investigation into Tuesday’s massive blasts at Beirut Port won’t spare any official, as he firmly refused the internationalization of the Lebanese crisis.

“I won’t abandon my responsibility to disclose and call to account all those responsible for Beirut Port blasts,” Aoun told reporters at Baabda Palace on Friday.

The probe into Beirut Port blasts has just started, and no one will be covered or protected, the president stressed.

“I will not accept a delayed just, we have five days to look into the causes of the blasts. And all those who are convicted will be held accountable. The probe will spare no one.”

Aoun noted that some local powers are politicizing the blasts in a bid to serve their political interests.

On attempts to internationalize the Lebanese crisis through calls to hold an international committee to investigate the blasts, the Lebanese president firmly refused such calls.

“I f we don’t handle our issue then we not deserve to live in this country. Lebanese sovereignty won’t be violated in my term!”