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Yemen | Al-Houthi: Israel Preparing to Operate in Yemen in Cooperation with Aggression Coalition

Yemen’s Ansarullah Leader Abdul Malik Al-Houthi stressed Monday that the Israeli enemy is preparing to start operating in Yemen in cooperation with the aggression coalition.

In a televised speech which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Zayd, Al-Houthi pointed out that the Arab regimes normalizing ties with ‘Israel’ seek ‘peace with the enemy, but launch wars on the Umma peoples.

He reiterated readiness to continue confronting the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen, stressing that this comprises the right path.

Al-Houthi noted that the United States and ‘Israel’ take the advantages of the idiocy of those Arab regimes in order in order to pursue their targets in Yemen and the region, adding that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi and Manama are involved in the crime of treachery for the sake of Washington and Tel Aviv.