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Bahrain | Darwish: Bahraini official position does not represent our people

President of the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, Baqer Darwish, said, "It was not surprising that the Bahraini authorities took the step of normalization with the Israeli occupation entity because they have been working in secret to strengthen their relations with the occupation for more than twenty years."

In an interview on Monday, Darwish added that the issue of normalization is being publicized due to American electoral purposes and internal reasons related to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in crisis at home, as well as the path that is being worked on after the failure of the Deal of the Century.

He underlined that the Zionists, the Americans, and even the Bahraini authorities do not want to reveal the position of Bahrain people and its hostility to the Israeli entity before the international public opinion.

He also stressed that no popular coexistence with the Zionists could be achieved inside Bahrain, adding that ways to break such decisions are numerous, including economic and social boycott.

"We want to say to the Palestinian people clearly that the treacherous position expressed by the Bahraini government does not represent or honor the Bahraini people,"

Darwish further stressed "the commitment of the Bahrainis, until the end and until the cessation of life, to the restoration of Jerusalem and the fulfillment of all the basic rights of the Palestinian people."