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Lebanon | Military Expert: Negotiations with Israel only limited to land, maritime border demarcation

Lebanese military expert and strategist, Brigadier General Elias Farhat, confirmed on Tuesday, that the ongoing negotiations in Naqoura between Lebanon and Israel under international auspices and US mediation are only limited to the demarcation of land and maritime borders.

In a statement to Unews Press Agency, Farhat underlined that the Lebanese negotiating delegation is led by army officers, who are specialized in land and maritime borders.

These army officers previously participated in the demarcation of the Blue Line in 2000 after the Israeli withdrawal, and in 2006 after the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 on land borders, Farhat added.

He noted to the presence of 13 reservation points registered with the United Nations to be discussed as part of the negotiations.

Brigadier General Farhat further pointed out that the maritime borders are governed by the Law of the Sea, which Lebanon signed on and defines Lebanon's rights to the water body.

The military expert concluded by saying that Lebanese President Michel Aoun's guidance to the negotiating delegation are clear, noting that Aoun's guidance states that the negotiations are only limited to land and maritime border demarcation.