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Yemen | Yemenis Celebrate the Arrival of Liberated Prisoners in Sanaa

The Yemeni capital, Sanaa, witnessed massive popular celebrations receiving the liberated Yemeni prisoners who arrived in the country on Thursday on board three flights that landed at Sanaa International Airport.

The head of the National Committee for Prisoners' Affairs, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, announced Thursday the arrival of 3 planes carrying 360 prisoners of the army and the popular military forces, adding that a fourth plane carrying 110 prisoners is to arrive.

He explained that 200 prisoners will arrive from Aden airport today, Friday, and 150 prisoners will be released from Sana'a.

Sana'a had already released 500 prisoners of the Saudi-led coalition, including one Saudi, as a goodwill gesture ahead of the exchange negotiations with the coalition.