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Tunisia | President Kais Saied Grants Special Pardons to 307 Detainees

Tunisian President Kais Saied, on Wednesday, announced pardon to 307 detainees, on the 57th anniversary of Evacuation Day, celebrated on October 15.

Some 213 detainees will be freed, while the rest will see their penalty lessened, announced a Presidency statement.

Saied received Justice Minister Mohamed Boussetta in the Carthage Palace along with members of the special pardon commission.

They showed him with a report on the committee’s work, after reviewing 2053 files of convicted individuals.

“The special pardon into consideration humanitarian reasons and cases of young people who have committed crimes of drug use,” the president said.

The really criminal will not be pardoned nor released, citing terrorists and those who monopolized food and medicine to build up fortunes in times of crisis, the same statement said.

The President stressed the necessity to improve the laws in force: “One cannot speak of a state governed by the rule of law without a free and independent judiciary,” he indicated.