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France | Macron Accuses Turkey, Russia of 'Fueling' Anti-French Campaign in Africa

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced, the “strategy” led by Russia and Turkey to fuel an anti-French feeling in Africa by playing “on post-colonial resentment”.

“There is a strategy at work, sometimes led by African leaders, but especially by foreign powers, such as Russia or Turkey, who play on post-colonial resentment“ Macron said in an interview published on Friday by Jeune Afrique.

He asded ”We must not be naive: many of those who give voice, who make videos, who are present in the French-speaking media are stipulated by Russia or Turkey.“

Macron stressed the “fair relationship” and the “true partnership“which France has been seeking to implement with the continent since taking office in 2017, with the lifting of ”taboo” “memorial, economic, cultural, entrepreneurial“.

He thus quotes the restitution of works of African heritage to several countries such as Senegal, Benin or Madagascar, or the end of the CFA franc, ”a very symbolic marker that fueled a lot of fantasies and criticism“.

“I think that between France and Africa, it must be a love story“, Macron said, adding ”we must not be a prisoner of our past.“