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Iran | Rouhani: Main purpose of lockdown to minimise transmission of virus

Iran's President Hasan Rouhani on Saturday said that the main goal of the restrictions and the lockdown of Iran's cities is to control the transmission and to minimise the outbreak of the coronavirus.

At the meeting of the at the National Task Force Against Coronavirus referred to the start of "Comprehensive Coronavirus Combat Plan" on Saturda, Rouhani said "This plan will be implemented from today in cities with red, orange and yellow status."

Recalling the COVID-19 related limitations at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the last march, he said "In fact, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, which was in March of last year and April of this year, we had a very difficult period." Adding that regulations were made that the people cooperated well, and when we entered May, the pressure was completely reduced."

Rouhani added "Since the beginning of May when the pressure had decreased until today, about 6 months have passed. During this period, unfortunately, in some provinces, we faced the second wave and recently the third wave of corona disease, which we decided to close cities smartly."

He also stressed the need to identify and treat infected people more quickly and taking care of the people who need to be quarantined when there is no need for hospitalization.