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Iran | IRGC Chief: Iran No Longer Needs JCPOA

IRGC Chief Commander Major General Hussein Salami said Iran no longer needs JCPOA, adding that whether the US returns to the table of JCPOA or not, it has fallen into disgrace in the world and its plots and conspiracies have returned to itself.

The President of the United States is a depressed and defeated person who knocked his country to the ground, General Salami said on Wednesday, stressing that today, the architect of Maximum Pressure and Maximum Pressure itself have been defeated.

He also appreciated Iran’s noticeable achievements and added, “Zionists Regime has been rotten internally and that US status is clear as well, however, the Islamic Republic of Iran has reached a point where it no longer needs JCPOA.”

“Whether the United States returns to the table of JCPOA or not, the Americans have fallen into disgrace in the world and all their plots and conspiracies have been returned to themselves”, he stressed.

“Today, as you witness, the main focus of the enemy is on the words and expressions of the Leader, even about the vaccine, and they want to prevent him from guiding human beings”, he also noted.