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Saudi Arabia | Security Forces Commit Attack Qatif with Missiles and Live Bullets Committing Massacre

At least five people were killed and others wounded as Saudi security forces attacked the town of Umm Al-Hamam in the eastern governorate of Qatif on Monday under the pretext of searching for wanted men.

Local activists said that the state security committed a terrorist massacre in the town of Umm Al-Hammam after targeting the houses of the town with bullets and explosive shells, noting that the primary list of victims did not include anyone from the wanted lists.

Information received from Qatif reported looting by Saudi soldiers in the houses raided in the town as they boasted with killing the people of the town.

The emergency teams and the General Investigation of the Saudi forces raided several houses in the town and burned some of them to spread terror among citizens, in addition to the heavy ammunition and artillery shells fired indiscriminately damaging a number of houses and cars.