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Iraq | Salih Stresses the Need for Media Industry to Pursue a Patriotic Discourse that Consolidates a Culture of Tolerance

Iraqi President Barham Salih asserted the necessity of guaranteeing the freedom and independence of media work to enhance its performance objectively and professionally.

Salih received on Sunday Dr. Ali Al-Khuwaildi, Chairman of the executive body of the Communication and Media Commission with members of the Board of Trustees of the Commission at the Presidential Office in Baghdad.

During the meeting, the President stressed on the importance of communicating democratic concepts and promoting them by freedom of opinion and expression in accordance to constructive and disciplined standards.

Salih also highlighted the need for media outlets to pursue a patriotic and professional discourse that consolidates the culture of tolerance among Iraqis and addresses the tendentious media, which is trying to influence the unity and steadfastness of our people.

He then valued the great role played by the national media in confronting the Takfiri discourses, which were promoted by the gangs of ISIS, on the other hand we saw the unity of the media industry promoting the heroisms of our security forces and their victories over the terrorist organizations.

Salih also stressed on the importance of providing a high quality communication service that serves the largest possible segment of the society.

For their part, the delegation discussed the work of the Commission and its role in establishing a media discourse in accordance to professional regulations and standards that governs the work of media institutions and lays down rules for regulating the work of telecommunications and developing its mechanisms.

The visiting delegation appreciated His Excellency’s support for the Commission's efforts and his keenness to follow up the work of the media and communication.