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Switzerland | ADHRB Expresses Concern About the Continuing Human Rights Violations in Jordan

Activists Margaret McIntyre of Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) said that IDO and ADHRB express concern about ongoing human rights violations in Jordan.

"Jordan has accepted recommendations on the guarantees of freedom of expression, but unfortunately, Jordanian law criminalizes the speech criticizing the king, government officials, government institutions, foreign countries and the foreign policy of the state, especially with regard to its relationship with some countries." McIntyre said on Thursday at the Human Rights Council at its 40th session in Geneva.

"There is serious concern about the decline in the freedom of the formation of associations by the Jordanian government," she said.

She added that the Jordanian delegation can guarantee such freedom by eliminating the restrictions on the formation of civil society associations.

"Jordan is a member of the Saudi-led coalition in the attack on Yemen, and international organizations such as Human Rights Watch documented numerous attacks that could amount to war crimes in Yemen that killed thousands of civilians." The activists said.

"What role does Jordan play in these crimes? What is the nature of the Jordanian participation in this aggression? How many Jordanian forces are involved and what proportion of the amounts or financial aid received from Saudi Arabia for this participation?" McIntyre continued.