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Switzerland | International Institution for Solidarity in Europe Reveals the Spread of Cancerous Jamming Devices in Israeli Prisons

The coordinator of the International Institution for Solidarity with Prisoners in Europe, Ahmed Abu Nasr, revealed the installation of high-risk electronic jamming devices in Israeli prisons under the pretext that prisoners use telephones to communicate with the outside world, although the Geneva Convention guarantees prisoners the right to communicate with their families.

Abu Nasr made his remarks on Thursday in a panel discussion on the rights of prisoners and the difficulty of human rights organizations work in occupied Palestine on the sidelines of the 40th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

He warned that "these devices are considered dangerous, where radiation triggers headache and pain as an initial stage, and later causes genetic deformation and cancer risks."

Abu Nasr also revealed the Israeli refusal for third parties to introduce to ascertain the dangers of these devices.