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Switzerland | Coordinator of the Belgian-Palestinian Association Highlights the Issue of Belgian-Palestinian Prisoner

Speaking at a panel discussion on the rights of prisoners and the difficulty of human rights organizations work in occupied Palestine the Coordinator of the Belgian-Palestinian Association, Hamdan Dumiri, spoke about the case of a Palestinian prisoner of Belgian nationality who was arrested by the Israeli occupation during his visit to the occupied West Bank.

He said Mustafa Awad was a Palestinian young man who had lived in Belgium for more than 15 years, adding that he worked in the Volvo factory and was the founder of a traditional "Dabkeh" band.

He added "last year, Awad wanted to visit Palestine for the first time in his life to visit the village of Acre, the birthplace of his parents, but the occupation forces arrested him on three charges for activities abroad."

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation offered Awad a deal either to confess the charges he was detained for a year of imprisonment, otherwise he will be arrested for three years.