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Lebanon | Sayed Nasrallah: Palestine is the Central Case & Resistance is the Only Choice for Muslims

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that resistance is the only choice for the Islamic nation as a way for liberation of Palestine, affirming that Palestine is the central case.

"We renew our eternal commitment to Palestine’s cause and this stance costs us a lot but it is our commitment." Sayed Nasrallah said on Tuesday in a speech on the tenth of Muharram.

He added that "the Palestinian stance is the main pillar in the confrontation against the U.S.-Israeli scheme. These people will protect their cause and holy sites."

"We reject any war plans against the Iranian republic, because such a war will ignite the region and destroy countries and peoples. It will be a war against the entire axis of resistance…" Sayed Nasrallah added.

The Secretary General continued "we reiterate our stance as part of the axis of resistance: we will not be neutral in the battle between right and wrong, in the battle between Hussein and Yazid. This supposed war will be the end of Israel and the American hegemony and presence in the region. Our imam, leader, master and Hussein in this era is Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei. He is the leader of the axis of resistance and Iran is the heart and main center of the axis."

"The same as we discussed the previous state budget we will discuss the 2020 budget. The principles that govern our stance will be the same. We refuse any new taxes on low-income citizens in any economic solutions in Lebanon. Instead of going to the pockets of the poor, let us search for the looted funds, and this should be the leading choice to address the economic situation."

On the economic situation, Sayed Nasrallah said "the situation is not hopeless and there is a possibility to address it if there is the necessary seriousness. Not everyone is to blame for the financial crisis in Lebanon, which has its reasons, topped by corruption, the waste of funds and mismanagement. "

"Lebanon has imposed itself on world powers and everyone contacted it after the latest Israeli attack, prior to the resistance’s response and during the resistance’s response. Lebanon must know that it is strong through the army-people-resistance equation and all countries in the world contacted our government to thwart us from retaliating to the Israeli aggression."

He further stressed that "Lebanon respects 1701 and Hezbullah is part of the government that respects this resolution but if Israel attacks, there will be no red lines at all."

"The government must defend the Lebanese and state institutions must not rush to execute the American desires in terms of sanctions." He said.

Sayed Nasrallah noted that "the resistance in Lebanon has been on the sanctions lists for years and this is not new. But when this aggression expands to target others in Lebanon – banks that have nothing to do with Hezbullah – this needs a different approach. We must reevaluate and study our choices well."

He then stressed "in Lebanon, we reiterate our commitment to the natural, legitimate rights of the Palestinian people as honorable refugees on our land who are seeking to return to their land."