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Switzerland | International Law Researcher Warns: No real access to information in Iran due to US sanctions

Researcher in International Law University of Geneva Dr. Hassan Fartousi warned of the negative impact of US sanctions imposed on Iran on the academic side, stressing that the access to information and knowledge in Iran is hindered in light of these sanction.

Dr. Fartousi made his remarks on Wednesday in Geneva moderating a seminar titled "UCM and Violations of Human Rights".

He said there is no real access to information and knowledge and this is a real violation of human rights.

"When there is no access to information, it means their is no right to education which is really essential. We are here in the Human Rights Council and the United Nations and we need to care about it, it is really important." Dr. Fartousi added.

He referred to financial complications related to registration in universities of which foreign countries pay due to regulations imposed as part of the US sanctions, noting that he has documents showing that.