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Switzerland | Researcher: US sanctions against Iran severely affected the flow of goods

Researcher at Global Governance Center Dr. Farzan Sabet stressed that after the US resumption of sanctions on most Iranian banks in May 2019 and after the decision to sanction all Iranian oil exports, there is a good reason to believe that the US sanctions against Iran severely affected the flow of goods.

Dr. Sabet made his remarks on Wednesday in Geneva in a seminar titled "UCM and Violations of Human Rights" moderated by Researcher in International Law University of Geneva Dr. Hassan Fartousi on the sidelines of Human Rights Security Council session.

He discussed the humanitarian map and the global sanctions regime. He noted that reports from previous round of sanctions against Iran showed that comprehensive targeted sanctions created shortage of medical supplies including in cancer.

He said the debate around the humanitarian consequences of economic sanctions is by now and old one, it first rose in the context of increased cold war willingness to sanctions state from the view of certain countries that violated the basic norms of international relations.

"Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, the US, EU, and UN have adopted targeted sanctions against military non-state actors involved in terrorist activities, specifically governments which provided financial and other kind of assistance and financiers who moved illicit money across international borders through charities, local banks, and other assistance.."

The researcher continued "all these initiatives, the sanctions authorities claim to exclusively target individuals, banks, and entities who are directly implicated in well-established criminal activities."

Target sanctions has been applied in the mid 2000 in an increasingly manners as illustrated in the case if North Korea, Iran, Syrian, and Venezuela, Dr. Sabet noted.

"In case of Iran, this shift from targeted to comprehensive sanctions took place from 2006 when a new round of limited proliferation related sanctions were first decided by UN Security Council and this continued to the 2015 and 2016 period." He stressed.