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Switzerland | Researcher Slams US Sanction on Iran: Civilian pain does not equate to political gain

Senior Researcher at Global Governance Center, Dr. Erica Moret, discussed the scholarship of sanctions and stressed the "US idea of maximum pressure" is targeting civilians and causing civilian pain, noting that civilian pain does not equate to political gain.

Dr. Moret made her remarks on Wednesday in Geneva in a seminar titled "UCM and Violations of Human Rights" moderated by Researcher in International Law University of Geneva Dr. Hassan Fartousi on the sidelines of Human Rights Security Council session.

She stressed that the debate about the negative side of unilateral sanctions should be less about whether the sanctions are unilaterally or multilaterally imposed, rather it should be their breadth and whether or not they are very targeted to avoid negative implications for civilians.

Dr. Moret discussed the economic situation of Iran in light of the impose US sanctions, noting that "when you see a sharp economic decline in a country, when sanctions are already in place, this can have a very negative impact on civilians."

"Travel bans or arms embargo are less likely to have a broad impact on Iranian civilians, but when there is multiple raging in space including those of the UN that is when we start to get a really freaky situation where it is very hard to monitor all of the possible negative implications that come out of them."

She further slammed the US sanctions on Iran, highlighting that these sanctions are hindering Iranian people's access to central goods and effective health care.