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Pakistan | Chief of Justice: To plan for improvements in the new judicial year

At the opening ceremony of the New Judicial Year 2019-2020 of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chief of Justice in Pakistan said "such a ceremony has now become an annual event which provides us an opportunity to take stock of our performance during the last judicial year and to plan for improvements in the future."

Speaking on Wednesday, Chief of Justice in Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, said in a first of its kind in the history of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts in the entire world the Supreme Court of Pakistan had started the E-Court system in the later half of the last judicial year.

"Through this system the Principal Seat and all the Branch Registries of this Court have been connected through application of the latest video-link connectivity."

He added "another major initiative taken by this Court in the last judicial year was commissioning of a state of the art Research Centre which shall provide research facilities of international standards to all the judicial officers in the country on click of a button."

"Artificial Intelligence is yet another field in which this Court has already decided to enter and active consultations are already afoot with different expert bodies in that regard." Khan Khosa added.

"In the end I must say that I am aware that a section of the society is unhappy over the fact that in the last few months this Court has not shown much interest in exhibiting judicial activism and has been slow in taking suo motu action over issues where that section of the society so demanded."

The Chief of Justice further affirmed that that section of the society may remember that only a few months ago the same section of the society was highly critical of such an enterprise.

He added "we realize that criticism of this Court over exercising restraint in some controversial and contentious matters may be far safer and less harmful than its criticism over imprudent and undue interventions in such matters."