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Switzerland | British Anti-Arms Trade Activist: Arming Saudi Arabia Threatens Britain's Security

British Anti-Arms Trade Activist, Sam Walton, warned that Britain's arming of Saudi Arabia threatens their security, stressing that the majority of people don't want Britain to be arming Saudi Arabia.

Walton affirmed, on Wednesday on the side lines of Human Rights Security Council session in Geneva, that arming Saudi Arabia "does not make security sense, Saudi has such links, to terrorist organizations across the world, it is not in our security interest to continue arming them."

"That is why the majority of people don't want Britain to be arming Saudi Arabia and there is hope that we can work to stop Britain from arming Saudis." He said.

However, Walton affirmed that the majority of people in Britain and the Parliament Labour Party and all of the opposition in the parliament are very keen to stop arming Said Arabia immediately and that is because using British weapons and arms in Yemen is obviously immoral.

He further confirmed that "Britain want to continue arming Saudi Arabia because of a complete lack of imagination in the government."

"Unfortunately, Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party are not keen in any way to change what they are doing with the huge arms contracts to Saudi Arabia." The activist added.