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Iran | Rouhani: The era of maximum pressure has come to an end

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani emphasised the failure of the American conspiracy to exert maximum pressure on the great Iranian nation, saying "today, all figures and people's spirit show that the era of maximum pressure has come to an end."

Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani said "all statistics show that the path the nation, the system, the leader, the armed forces and all factions have chosen is right and must continue with unity and integrity."

The president added "the great Iranian people have been able to defeat maximum sanctions and economic terrorism with maximum resistance, vitality, hard work and dedication and there is no doubt that Iran's current power is greater than ever."

He pointed out that friends and enemies confess to the Iranian people's power, patience and resistance, adding "the world is in awe of this Iranian nation's resistance; 83 million Iranians have joined hands and resisted the US and Zionism, and today there is the best security, conditions and spirits in the country. "

The president added "of course, economically speaking, people have problems that we all have to work together to alleviate them."