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USA | US Secretary of State denies Giving Turkey Operation in Syria 'Green Light'

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said Washington did not give Ankara "a green light" for a military offensive into Syria.

"That's just false," Pompeo said, in an interview with PBS channel, but did not elaborate other than to say that Turkey has a "legitimate security concern".

"They have a terrorist threat to their south... We’ve been working to make sure that we did what we could do to prevent that terror threat from striking the people in Turkey, while trying to achieve what is in America’s best interest: the threat from radical Islamic terrorism emanating from Syria." H added.

Pompeo further affirmed that the US is leaving Syria because it has achieved the goal of eliminating the Islamic State's territorial hold, which the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces played an instrumental part in.

"We'll continue to be in a position to do what we need to do to keep the American people as safe as we possibly can from this threat," the Secretary of State said.