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Iran | Salami: Soleimani was chief architect of US and Zionists defeats in the region

Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) during a meeting with Syrian Prime Minister on Tuesday said martyred Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani was the chief architect of the defeats of the US and Usurper Zionist regime in the region.

Major General Hossein Salami told the Syrian Prime Minister Emad Khamis that martyred Lieutenant General Soleimani was a unique, unrepeatable, eternal myth commander whose name, remembrance and existential effects will never be erased from the memory of Muslim nations.

"Although born in Iran, Lieutenant General Soleimani's hard-work in fighting against terrorism made him a Muslim world's figure, especially in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon." He added.

Referring to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' recent missile attack on the US military base in Iraq in retaliation of the US assassination of Lieutenant General Soleimani, IRGC Chief said that the retaliatory attack taken showed Iran's authority and the enemies of the Muslim Nation including the Israeli regime received the message.

He further stressed that Iran views the Syrian territorial integrity the same as its own, stressing on the Syrian Prime Minister "we stand by you until the very end, we will not leave the battlefield until all enemies leave Syria, and this will certainly happen."

For his part, Syria's Prime Minister Emad al-Khamis expressed his nation's sympathy over the martyrdom of Lieutenant General Soleimani, describing him as a unique hero honored by all of the resistance axis countries.

He conveyed the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's message saying General Soleimani will remain in the Syrian people's hearts.

Al-Khamis referred to the highest badge of the Syrian Armed Forces which the delegation brought to give to the family of the great commander to appreciate his constant hard-work in the fight against terrorism.