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Palestine | Bishop Hanna on Al-Quds Day: Palestine our first cause, to adhere to the right of return

The Head of the Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Archbishop Atallah Hanna stressed in an address on Al-Quds International Day that Palestine is the first cause and it will remain the capital of Palestine and recalled the moral and patriotic duties towards Jerusalem, calling on the Palestinians to adhere to their right of return.

"Dear brothers and sisters, it gives me great pleasure to address you on the occasion of Al-Quds International Day from the city of Jerusalem, where I convey to all of you the greeting of our holy city, the incubator of our most important Islamic and Christian sanctuaries and the incubator of the Islamic-Christian national unity also in the face of occupation, colonialism and tyranny." Archbishop Atallah Hanna said.

He went on to say "I send my greetings to the sons of our Arab nation, to the free people from our Arab nation who always affirm that Palestine is their first cause. I send my greetings to our Muslim brothers and congratulate them on the month of Ramadan and the upcoming celebration of Eid Al-Fitr. I send my greetings to the Christians everywhere."

"The cause of Palestine, and Jerusalem in particular, is a cause that concern us mainly as Christians and Muslims in this world. We must always unite in our defense of Jerusalem for messing with Jerusalem is considered messing with our values , faith, history, heritage, the originality of our existence, and the originality of belonging to this Holy Land." He added.

Hanna further stated "On Al-Quds Internatinal Day, we say, as the people of Jerusalem and as Palestinians, that we will not abandon Jerusalem, which was, and will remain, the capital of Palestine, despite all deals and projects, despite all the normalization and conspiracies that surround us from all sides."

"There is no power in this world that is able to erase the features of Jerusalem, forge its history and undermine its position. Jerusalem is for us the capital, the َQibla, and the sacred spot of the world that we consider to be a piece of heaven on earth."

He continued "Therefore, on Al-Quds Day, we remind all the people of our nation, Christians and Muslims in every place of their spiritual, humanitarian and civilizational duties towards Jerusalem. Do not leave the city of Jerusalem alone, the Zionists attack Jerusalem every day and every hour and seek to undermine its history, identity and character, do not abandon it and always defend it."

Hanna underlined "Al-Quds International Day is a day to remind those who need to be reminded of their national, humanitarian and moral duties for the sake of Jerusalem so that the Holy City remains the custodian of our history, and heritage."

He continued "The Palestinians, my dear ones, in the city of Jerusalem and all of Palestine thank, praise, and express gratitude to everyone who says the word of truth in this bad time in which suspicious projects abounded, and those who normalize, conspire, and give in abundantly. We salute all the courageous and clear voices defending truth, justice and Jerusalem."

"There is no dignity for this nation without Jerusalem, and without Jerusalem returning to its owners to be a city of peace, capital for Palestine, and a spiritual and national capital for our people, Christians and Muslims."

He also greeted Palestinian refugees and affirmed them that they are returning to their land, adding "Jerusalem is waiting for you, and Palestine is waiting for you to celebrate freedom and dignity, restore Jerusalem and raise the banner of freedom over the churches, mosques and walls of Jerusalem."

Hanna addressed the outbreak of Coronavirus saying "the Corona pandemic came to our world and made the whole world turn into a small village, the whole world suffers from this pandemic."

He added that "the pandemic has reached our country and our region, we will win over this pandemic."