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Palestine | Abu Zarifa to Unews: To confront Zionist challenges through a national strategy

Leader in the Democratic Front, Talal Abu Zarifa, stressed that "in light of the risks and challenges facing the national project due to the insistence of the US administration to proceed with the Trump and Netanyahu deal, there is no choice for the Palestinians but to face these challenges that constitute an infringement of national rights and liquidate them through a new national strategy."

Abu Zarifa added in a statement to Unews Press Agency "The most important pillars on which the strategy is based, the first of which is gathering energies to confront the Zionist project, the second is the implementation of the decisions of the National and Central Council, starting with withdrawing recognition of the occupying state, stripping its autharization and stopping all relations with the occupation, the third of which is to engage in confrontational networks with the occupation within the framework of international institutions through accountability in the criminal and boycott court."

He pointed out that these strategic elements constitute the practical response to the so-called "Deal of the Century" and confront its risks.