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Iran | Defense Ministry: Blast in East Tehran Caused by Gas Tank Explosion

A blast that illuminated the sky in eastern Tehran in the wee hours of Friday was caused by a gas tank explosion, but did not cause any casualties, the Defense Ministry spokesperson said.

Social media users began circulating images of the explosion at around 00:30 am local time on Friday (08:00 pm GMT on Thursday).

Speaking to IRINN, Defense Ministry Spokesman General Davoud Abdi said the gas tank blast had taken place in the "public area" of Parchin.

“Fortunately, the explosion did not cause any casualties,” he added, noting that the fire resulting from the blast was also controlled after prompt action by firefighting personnel.

“Our colleagues have reached the area to closely examine the incident,” Abdi said, adding that further information about the explosion would be duly announced by relevant authorities.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) news agency also attributed the blast to a fire at a gas tank, and noted that the incident had taken place in a non-residential area.