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Iran | Military official:Soleimani blood brings about Quds' freedom

Senior military advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran said Soleimani's blood would bring about the freedom of Quds.

Delivering a speech in the scientific conference on “Media and Soleimani's school of thought,” Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi stated that Soleimani’s school is a collection of beliefs and ideologies.

He explained that Soleimani's school meant Islam's school, and his behaviour proved that he was moving in Islam's framework.

Safavi noted that Soleimani was never afraid of anything.

He pointed out that Soleimani was a national hero for Iran and the Islamic Ummah, who thwarted all Zionist' plots in the region.

"Soleimani’s character is a role model for the freedom of Quds", he said.

The advisor added that Iranian youth could rely on Soleimani’s character to leave behind the present problems and learn lessons from his wars' patience.

"Today, the power is moving from the West to the East, the political power of Islam is forming, and Iran is the most influential country", he highlighted.

Safavi concluded, "Power decline will happen in Israel too. Iran is the first power of the region, and the US has no choice except to leave."