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Families of Missing Syrians: Turkish Ambulances Kidnapped Tens From the Convoys In the First Moments of Al-Rashidin Bombing

U-News Syria-Aleppo Monday, April 17, 2017
A huge number of members of Kefraya and Foua families had been missing few moments after the terrorist bombing that hit their convoy stalled at Al-Rashidin area. The members of the families assured that Turkey is involved in Kidnapping their children, and that the operation was previously planned by the armed groups.
-A shelter for Kefraya and Foua families in Jibreen area.
-Families from Kefraya and Foua inside the shelter.
-Ambulances in Jibreen Shelter
-SOUNDBITE 1- Witness from Kefraya and Foua Families of the missed Syrians
"There was a camera set on a tripod, around 30 minutes to one hour before the bombing. There was no one behind it. They were shooting the before and after the explosion. This indicates that it all was planned. There were no Turkish cars in the site, they suddenly appeared in the the scene. There were Turkish ambulance cars. The militants wore red suits and claimed that they were from the Red Crescent. Our young men ran to assist them, bu they took them away. Now there are around 30 to 40 missed young men in addition to the wounded ones. It was all a planned scenario. Some said they are in Turkey others said they in Saraqib, or in Adana. I think that they will negotiate for the ones who are still alive, for we were threatened by them."

-SOUNDBITE 2- Witness from Kefraya and Foua
"Once the explosion happened, members of the red crescent disappeared. There were no Turkish ambulance cars, and we saw none. We suddenly saw them at the site and started aiding [the people]. This operation is definitely a play, which aim was to kidnap the largest possible number. They used the emotions. For the moment I see a wounded person, I will aid him. Then they would kidnap the wounded person and the one responsible for him. People were lost and had no idea were these missing people are."

-SOUNDBITE 3- Mother of a missing girl
"Sarah and my daughter Zainab, they are missing. We know not if they are dead or alive. We know nothing. I did not see them after the bombing. Some people say they were taken to Turkey. I don't know."

-SOUNDBITE 4- Father and husband of missing mother and girl
"I am from Foua and Kefraya, I lost my wife and daughter in this bombing. The red crescent has a role in the bombing for it was not the Syrian Red Crescent but for the militants. They approached the children to aid them, and then took them to the cars whether they were wounded or not. There was a huge kidnap operation. A lot of children were taken to be used in the negotiations. We call our government to bring us back everyone from Kefraya and Foua whether martyred, wounded, captivated. We want them all."
Families of Kefraya and Foua of the convoys stalled at al-Rashideen area assured that the bombing of Sunday, after which tens of members of these families were missed, was previously planned by the militants and Turkey based on several indicators. 

The families noticed the arrival of several Turkish ambulances to where their convoys are stalled just before the bombing took place. One of the witnesses said "We saw one of the militants fixing a camera and directing it toward the women and children gathering to receive food. More than eight Turkish ambulances suddenly appeared near our buses. Few moments after the explosion, the Turkish ambulances took all who were slightly injured."

The witness added "from the moment the cars left the scene until the moment, we still do not know the fate of all of our children."

"The explosion was previously planned by the militants," a relative for missing members continued, "what happened was more like a play of a written scenario."

"The arrival of the Turkish ambulances suddenly and the kidnap of tens of our children indicates that this operation was planned. The operation ended in snatching and arresting dozens of Kefraya and Foua sons to Turkey, to use them for negotiations," he said.