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Lebanon | Sayed Nasrallah: An equation of deterrence keeps growing in Hezbollah’s favor every day

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hasan Nasrallah said the Israelis now are having fears on their entity’s existence and continuation, adding that Lebanon is strong with its resistance equation and that is why they want to get rid of it.

"There is an equation of deterrence that keeps growing in Hezbollah’s favor every day," Sayed Nasrallah said in an address on Friday on the anniversary of July war victory.

He added that the military and psychological defeat against the Zionists which took place 14 years ago is still remaining till now.

"One of the strategic outcome of July war was foiling the new Middle East scheme which was the main goal of the war on Lebanon." Sayed Nasrallah affirmed.

He went on to say "The New Middle East scheme which started with Afghanistan occupation to the Iraqi invasion was meant to continue, but was foiled in Lebanon."

The Secretary General further added "We’ve been hearing this since 2000, that if Hezbollah would disarm, USA, EU would take us off FTO list, support us financially and politically, and make us their best friends.