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Lebanon | Military Expert Warns: ISIS role in the region not over yet

Military and strategic expert, Brigadier General Hisham Jaber, stressed that terrorism and the role of ISIS in the region are not over yet, adding that the goal of the terrorists now is to wait for the security situation to deteriorate, and take advantage of any loophole to detonate or target security forces, whether in Syria, Iraq or Lebanon.

In an interview with Unews Press Agency, Jaber said information confirms that there are more than 4,000 ISIS militants moving between the Syrian and Iraqi desert.

He added "in Lebanon there is no terrorism on the ground, but rather sleeper cells that are present in the northern areas in the slums of Tripoli, and in the Beqaa areas, specifically in Anjar, and in the Palestinian camps.

"The role today is for the security services, and dealing should be on the level of security and intelligence and not on the military level."

He further added "Ain al-Hilweh is a large outpost of terrorism, and there are non-Palestinian extremist groups belonging to Al-Nusra and ISIS in the camp."