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Syria | Al-Assad Inspects Damage Caused by Fire in Mashta al-Helou Area

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday visited Mashta al-Helou town in Safita area in Tartous countryside as part of his tour to a number of villages and areas which were affected by the fires.

Al-Assad listened to the locals who talked about the extent of the damage which has been inflicted on them and on their lands.

On Tuesday, al-Assad visited Ballouran area in Lattakia northern countryside to inspect the damage and meet the locals within a tour in some areas which were affected by the fires few days ago.

He listened to the requirements of the locals of Ballouran village, on top of them securing the basic needs which help enhancing the factors of their adherence to their lands and re-cultivating them as soon as possible.

Ministers of Local Administration and Agriculture and Agrarian Reforms and Lattakia Governor accompanied President al-Assad in his tour.