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Armenia | Deputy FM Arriving in Yerevan: Iran initiative to settle Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi arrived in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Thursday night after meeting and consulting with officials of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russia.

Arriving in Yerevan, Araghchi told reporters that Iran's initiative will pave way for peace between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia,

Araghchi said a decision must be made as soon as possible to establish peace between Baku and Yerevan.

He added that he had very fruitful talks in Baku and Moscow and that he would negotiate with the Armenian authorities to find a solution for peace.

"Iran is in the neighborhood of both the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia," Araghchi said, adding: "Citizens of both countries in Iran live in peace and tranquility with their Iranian compatriots, and Tehran's position has always been a balanced position."

Araghchi further noted that the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran aims at lasting peace in the region.