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Yemen | Al-Houthi Reiterates Rejection of US Colonial Policy

Head of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement Abdul Malik Badreddine Al-Houthi stressed that marking the Prophet Muhammad Birthday must be a chance of reforming the situation of the Islamic nation, adding that deviating from the divine teachings would be the source of all vices across the world.

Addressing millions of Yemenis who took into the public squares in Sanaa and 11 provinces to mark Prophet Muhammad Birthday, Al-Houthi reiterated rejection of the US colonial policy in the region.

Al-Houthi also underlined the Yemeni support with all the free people in the nation, especially the axis of resistance, in face of the US-Israeli tyrant.

The ruling regimes in Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Sudan are the partners of US and ‘Israel’ in their conspiracies against the Umma, according to Sayyed Houthi.

He further noted that the French President Emmanuel Macron is one of the Zionist regime’s puppets, adding that they push him to abuse Islam and insult Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).