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Austria | Araqchi: Texts Being Drafted As Latest Round of JCPOA Talks Concludes in Vienna

Iran’s top negotiator Abbas Araqchi said the parties of the JCPOA Joint Commission have begun to draft texts relating to certain issues on which they have reached an agreement.

“This is where things move ahead very slowly because drafting a text needs precision,” the senior Iranian diplomat told reporters in Vienna on Saturday after conclusion of the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting.

He said the third round of negotiations has concluded with some “maturity” and “clarity” while there remains a lengthy and bumpy road ahead.

“I can say that the discussions have reached maturity, both on the issues that are contentious and the issues over which there is agreement,” Araqchi noted.

He said the third round embodied “very intensive negotiations” at different levels and formats, adding that differences between the sides, as they dived into technical issues, have become clearer and more specific.

“We have specific subtle technical points and details on issues relating to (Iran’s) nuclear activities and the (US) sanctions, which need to be discussed,” he added.

Araqchi explained that although it is not predictable when and how the two sides can reach an agreement on the full restoration of the 2015 pact, “the format of any agreement will be definitely in accordance with the (Iranian) establishment’s positions.”