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Yemen | Supreme Political Council: Yemeni people will resist and they will eventually triumph

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana'a, Muhammad Al-Nuaimi, stressed that the Yemeni people will resist and they will eventually triumph.

On international positions on peace, Muhammad Al-Nuaimi told Unews Press Agency that "they do not depend on it and all their dependence is on the Yemeni people and their steadfastness."

"The international community has its interests and agenda of which it accordingly deals with incidents as happened in the confrontation in Gaza and the change in the balance of power as a result of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people." He said.

He further confirmed that Sana'a International Airport flights are to be launched Noting that this is due to the steadfastness of Yemeni people, as the forces of aggression realized that their goals have failed.

Al-Nuaimi hailed Oman's "remarkable role" adding that the countries of aggression turned to Oman to get them out of the crisis.

"The Omani delegation which visited Sanaa has presented to officials here many issues, including lifting the siege and other humanitarian issues within the framework of Aggression Agenda. However, Sanaa refused this and expressed the opinion of which the Omani delegation understood."

Al-Nuaimi added that "Sana'a's demands are based on three principles, namely separating the humanitarian side from political and military sides, not compromising the national principles of Yemen, stopping the aggression and expelling foreign forces from Yemen."

He pointed out that the first principle was agreed upon, while the other principles are to be negotiated, stressing that "as a higher political council, they will not fail the Yemeni people."