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Palestine | Al-Quds Brigades to Unews: Mortar shells concerned Israel, Artillery a turning point in battles

The mortar shells fired by Palestinian resistance during the "The Sword of Jerusalem" battle in Gaza constituted a major concern for Israeli occupation forces and made a big difference in the confrontation along with other means, such as long-range missiles and combat drones. .

"Although Israel has a highly advanced military radar system, this simple weapon of few ranges continued to fall on the army’s positions minutes before the announcement of the ceasefire between the resistance and the occupation on May 21, without the latter being able to detect its positions or intercept its falling shells.

The mortar constituted a great fear for Israeli forces, which pushed its spokesperson, Hild Silberman, to acknowledge the fears of the Israeli army leadership about the shells launched from Gaza towards the gatherings of soldiers on the border.

The battle of "Sword of Jerusalem" ended after 11 days of unprecedented fierce fighting in the history of the conflict between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli forces.

It showed that the Israeli occupation army was clearly defeated at the level of military pplanning in front of the resistance that moved from defensive tactics it used to in the past, to offensive tactics.

In this context, Unews Press Agency toured a number of military sites of Al-Quds Brigades, during which it met with a number of the resistance fighters who participated in the recent battle.

Unews filmed some of the military equipment used by the resistance, which included cannons, mortars, anti-guided missiles, Russian "Kornet", as well as other weapons used in confronting the Israeli attacks last May.

Abu Musab, one of the fighters who participated in the battle within the
artillery unit, said that the artillery is one of the qualitative weapons owned by Al-Quds Brigades.

It has a very large destructive and fragmentation force, Abu Musab said, noting that the artillery unit possesses different types of weapons, including the 60mm and the 81st. 80 mm and 120 mm, and it also possesses different shells, including shrapnel, and building penetrators.

Abu Musab told Unews that the artillery was a turning point in any battle that Al-Quds Brigades were engaged in.