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USA | Israeli Ambassador: Israel Would Respond to Any Attack by Hezbollah with Full Force

Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, said his country had monitored Hezbollah’s tunnel project through a wide intelligence operation.

Addressing the Security Council on Wednesday, he said Operation Northern Shield was a protective measure to prevent a possible Hezbollah invasion and a pre-emptive measure on the Israeli side of the border.

He confirmed that Hezbollah was also building a "terror terminal" from the Lebanese town of Kfarkila into Israel," adding "imagine what will happen to this village in case we will have to defend ourselves."

Danon said Hezbollah is "hijacking the entire State of Lebanon to attack Israel and the Government of Lebanon has surrendered; by closing its eyes as its people live inside a ticking time bomb of terror tunnels, missiles, and rockets, the Government of Lebanon has failed its people."

He stressed that Israeli had no intention of escalating the situation but noted that Israel would respond to any attack by Hezbollah with full force, using air, land and sea, adding "Hezbollah terror tunnels and missiles were not created without purpose, they were created for Hezbollah to use against us. If Hezbollah will have the arrogance to attack Israel, we will bury it in the rubble of Lebanon. We will never let terror win."