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Yemen | Military Expert to Unews: We will not allow any warships to enter Yemeni territorial waters

Yemeni military affairs expert Brigadier General Abed Al-Thor confirmed that the Yemeni Coast Guard forces detained three vessels in the Red Sea waters on Sunday, November 18, 2019, after they ignored the Yemeni warnings to get out of Yemeni territorial waters.

"What happened comes within the framework of legitimate defense," Al-Thor said in a statement to Unews Press Agency, adding "any entry of warships or war items, whatever their nationality, into Yemeni territorial waters without prior permission will be dealt with in an appropriate manner."

"The three detained vessels are military vessels and have been taken to a port under the control of the heroes of the army and the popular military forces to take legal action including inspection and investigation," he added.

Regarding the statements made by the government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi
and the Saudi-Led Coalition forces about what constituted a threat to freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, Al-Thor said "the Yemenis are well aware of the sea laws, but the Saudi warships went beyond that and entered the Yemeni territorial waters without prior permission which forced Yemeni naval forces to militarily deal with them."

The military expert added "we are in a state of war and the region is burning, we are in constant fears of the entry of any war items to the Yemeni coast and we have already warned any vessel from entering the Yemeni waters without prior authorization."

He further explained that "the vessels did not enter for a civilian purpose and was detained inside Yemeni territorial waters and not as the coalition says in regional or international waters. "

The Yemeni Coast Guard Forces (Red Sea Sector) of the Ministry of Interior has announced the seizure of three vessels, one of them a Saudi named "Rabigh 3", three miles from the Yemeni island Uqban.

The coastguard said in a statement that the vessels had entered without any previous warning.

The statement added that the crews of the seized vessels did not respond to the Yemeni Coast Guard patrol after calling on the international channel 16, in clear defiance of all international maritime laws and a violation of Yemeni sovereignty.

The statement further said that the seized vessels have been taken to Al-Salif port and all legal measures have been taken.