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Iran | Speaker: Iranian generous cooperation faces nothing but more hostility

The Speaker of the Iranian parliament said the history of Iran over the past 17 years shows that Iran has always had the most generous cooperation with the IAEA in the framework of its international regulations and national interests, but often has gained nothing but more hostility and blackmail.

During his pre-agenda speech, Iran's parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said "Our nation is aware that in recent days there have been discussions on the nuclear issue at the political and media levels, and it is necessary for me to present some points to the lawmakers and the nation."

The Speaker of the Parliament noted "The first thing I want to emphasize is that in the past few days, Western countries, especially the United States and unfortunately some European countries, have once again shown their unreliable and hostile nature to the Iranian nation. They proved to all of us that there is no other way to protect the rights and dignity of the Iranian nation and to ensure the progress and peace of Iran than by intelligent resistance and prudence and revolutionary wisdom."

Ghalibaf went on to say "The behavior of the enemy these days has turned the active resistance option into a strategic option for the Iranian nation, behind which there is a complete national and political consensus, and the will of the Iranian nation is the guarantor and supporter of it. This is what all Western countries and those who are sitting in closed rooms and conspiring against the Iranian nation must pay special attention to."

Emphasizing that the Iranian nation has chosen the path of active resistance, he added "This is a decisive demand of the nation and is agreed upon by the authorities, and there will be no other way in the coming months."

Ghalibaf highlighted "The next issue is the nuclear issue and the development of recent weeks and a resolution that was issued by the US and Zionist regimes and the treacherous actions of European countries against Iran in the IAEA Board of Governors."

"The whole world saw that despite all the plans that had been made, no global consensus was formed against Iran, and some major powers and many other countries openly opposed the resolution, and we know that a large part of those who opposed the resolution had been under heavy pressure from the United States."

He further added "The false notion of the Zionist circles behind these plans is that they can create a rift with childish staging and in the hope that there will be a breakthrough in the ranks of the nation and the system in Iran, and by issuing resolutions, first of all, they intend to take the framework of Iran's active resistance and bring Iran into a corridor of negotiation and renewed pressure so that they may be able to cover up their internal and acute problems and leading to new blackmail and encroachment on the pillars and components of power."

The Speaker continued "I strongly and openly say that today there is a full consensus among the officials of the system that the United States and the Zionist regime are unable to achieve any of their goals in the regional and international arenas, and in no way and under no circumstances will the Agency be allowed to violate the legal framework."

Ghalibaf underlined "Of course, we are not against diplomacy and negotiations, but we believe that negotiations with the United States are absolutely harmful and forbidden."